He studied painting in Ankara and graduated in 1989; he continued his art education at Gerrit Rietweld Academy in Amsterdam. During this period he he did murals, signs and all kind of other decoration work to make a living and to cover education expences. He designed and made his first light projects to illuminate the places he decorated. He returned to İstanbul and worked for well-known interior design companies for many years. He always tried to combine his artistic talents with interior design basics. Finally, he quit interior design and focused on lighting design and established Lightwork Designlights company in 2008 in Galata, İstanbul. First Lightwork collection was realised in2009 after many work hours and sleepless nights.


She studied architecture and graduated from Mimar Sinan University in 1996. She worked for architectural design companies as an architect for many years. She started working at Lightwork in 2009. Since than, she shares her experiences for creating better Lightwork products.


Every single Lightwork product is made with the same spirit, free of unnecessary ornaments, highly pure and elegant to honor the material itself. Lightwork aims to unleash the hidden beauty of the materials, like brass or copper and the reflections of their inner aesthetics and dynamics in simple forms. Lightwork refines the color and deepness of the light in different designs for different light temperatures. All Lightwork products are designed and produced with no compromise and use only the best materials available in the market. All Lightwork products are handmade, the craftsmanship represented by the designer himself, HüseyinTurgut, in the atelier in Beyoğlu, İstanbul, where almost unlimited material and color combinations can be customized for the curious customer.